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: Our NEW HOLIDAY ALBUM #APentatonixChristmasDLX is available October 20th. PREORDER IT RIGHT NOW on @AmazonMusic!… https://t.co/WWioAHiqOG

: .@kirstin reminisces about the time we filmed the music video for "Hallelujah". #WEEKofPTXMAS https://t.co/azAJ6QGMI5

: Watch as @kirstin shares a memory of what she loves most about the "Hallelujah" music video! #WEEKofPTXMAS https://t.co/f0SjkfaBoz

: RT @scottaholic_: Got my tickets to see @PTXofficial for the fifth time! See you in chicago!

: RT @kierregrassi: can't wait for private performance on December 5th!🎄❤️ #WeekofPTXMAS @PTXofficial